quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011

David Midthunder - Ultimate news!!

Here it is more updates about David´s carreer...As he doesn´t stop working I can not stop writing up about him...What is a great honor and happiness for me !! I should say here that he is foremost a person that I admire too much, a real native who is  proud of his culture and people and one of the most generous people always willing to share his knowledge and wisdon with everyone.

David has just finished his work  in the film " You don´t know Bertha Constantine" which had its premier this month in South Dakota and  he is already working in a new film production.

Bertha Constantine - imdb
David Midthunder- imdb

I  would like to mention  about a Documentary which he also makes an appearance - "Silent Thunder" - The story of Standford Addison ( Northern Arapaho ), a native american elder, spiritual leader, horse tamer and quadriplegic. Through his unique method of gentling wild horses, Standford delivers an inspiring and timely message of universal peace and cultural tolerance by sharing the experience of his own life.

"Silent Thunder" is directed and produced by Angelique Midthunder.

Silent Thunder - Amazon.com

Midthunder productions - imdb

Angelique Midthunder - imdb

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