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Great movies to tell you some stories

Here is a list of great movies, series and documentaries which can help you out to know the Native history. I´ll update this list as soon as I get to know new productions..

Uma pequena lista de ótimos filmes, séries e documentarios que podem ajudar a conhecer um pouco a história de algumas nações indígenas norte americana.

The last of Mohicans

Dance with wolves

Geronimo – An American Legend



Black cloud

(this video was made by avalon-medieval.blogspot.com )
watch it and you will fall in love with Black Cloud!!!

Trail of tears - Cherokee Legacy

Older than America

Rez bomb


Bury my heart at wonded knee

( this video was made by avalon-medieval-blogspot.com )
Comanche Moon

                                       ( this video was made by avalon-medieval.blogspot.com )
Good day to die
Crazy Horse

The broken chain

The New world

( this video was made by avalon-medieval.blogspot.com )

This is the best serie I´ve ever watched..The way that Lakota nation was portraited in it is awesome, enchanted and sad..sad as the true history is..

 Ai está, a melhor série que já assisti em toda minha vida, conhecer a história dos Estados unidos, pela primeira vez retratada pelos olhos da Nação Lakota, simplesmente Fantástico.

that´s a video that can be found at youtube made by Avalon-medieval, stunning work!!

Assistam ao video feita pela Avalon-Medieval, nem o trailler oficial da série
 ficou tão bom quanto este!!

Documentaries ( Documentários )

We shall remain
500 nations
The trail of tears – cherokee legacy
Indian warriors ( history channel )
Incident at Oglala ( The Leonard Petier story )
Cangleska Wakan

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  1. Really cool blog! I am so excited about your new blog, there are so few Native blogs out here. I wish you the best and if you need any pointers, you can email me at Avalonmedieval@yahoo.com. I have a Lakota blogger buddy and I will tell her about your blog. She will be happy to read your work.