domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

Native Music - Jacob Pratt

Jacob Pratt is a Dakota/Saulteaux and a registered member of the Cote First Nations in Saskatchewan Canada and by the things I could find about him I can say Jacob is a brillant talent and human being. We all wish you all the best on your path Jacob, way to go!!!

He is a  traditional flutist, Dancer, traditional singer, and story teller. He is also a Hoop dancer and in this style he uses 15 different hoop to tell stories by creating different animals formation. So far awesome, isn´t it???

by Michael Keith Dubois
He started playing traditional native american flute still very young and now  his first cd is already released entitled Eagle Calls. This cd was also nominated for an Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award . Oh! I forgot to mention he is also a model and motivational speaker for youth.

Well, I am pretty sure everyone now is very curious to know more about Mr. Pratt, so take a look at his official website and check out his songs and modeling pictures . I did and I can say they are too much enchanting ( both music and pictures )...surely his music will touch your heart.

...."a true warrior is guided by compassion an not a desire to fight"..( Jacob Pratt )

Jacob Pratt Official Website

Fight Gone Bad 6

For days I have been wondering about What could be the real  meaning of being a warrior and have made this question to many of my native friends, this is in fact for another post I am working on but some of the answers I got fit completely for this one...." A real warrior fights for what he believes no matter it costs..a real warrior has a cause to be defended and fought "...

I come here today to ask for all my dear readers and followers that help the cause my friends David and Angelique Midthunder are fighting for. Take a look at it and if it touches your heart, donate!! it´s easy  to do it and as Angelique says.." If everyone donates $1.00 dollar so we will raise $ 5.000."...

To understand better the cause I am talking about I will re-post David´s  own words on here:

..."If you know me you know I never ask anything. This I am asking not for myself but for the children who have lost their fathers in combat. Special Ops Warrior Foundation provides college scholarships, leadership opportunities, and most importantly HOPE for these children who have lost so much. It's easy to donate by clicking the link below and find out more about my cause. ".. ( David Midthunder )


..."For me CrossFit WODs (Workout Of the Day) are another extension of my tribal ceremonial spirituality. In the Tribal CrossFit community we choose a person or cause to focus and dedicate our time and energy to, just as we do in Sweatlodge or Sundance. On Sept 17th the Global CrossFit tribal community is participating in a WOD called FIGHT GONE BAD to benefit the children of our brave Warriors who were KIA (Killed In Action). I'm dedicating this WOD to my son's combat unit"... ( David Midthunder )

I really hope all wonderful people around the world who read this post will have your hearts touched by it. 

sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

Angelique Midthunder

                                            Actress | Stunt | Director | Producer

Angelique is married to  David Midthunder ( Lakota Nation ) and eventhough she is not a native in blood I am pretty sure she is in her soul and together they make one of the most beautiful couple I have ever seen.

A multi talent woman, Angelique is a self taught documentary filmmaker, and a humanitarian and preservationist at heart. Her ultimate goal is to effect a change in social consciousness regarding environmental and cultural issues. She believes that education through entertainment is key to reaching the masses. A serious horse lover, her first nationally released work was the documentary she created for the Animal Planet with Walt Disney Studios, America’s First Horse.”

For that she partnered with screenwriter/producer and fellow Spanish Mustang preservationist, John Fusco to spotlight the rare Indian War Horse. Angelique followed that up by directing and producing an artistic short film “The Horse is Good” with actor/artist/activist Viggo Mortensen (LORD OF THE RINGS, HIDALGO, HISTORY OF VIOLENCE).

 Most recently, Angelique started her own production company, mostly directing and producing documentaries, and has since taken on the task of producing a series of Public Service Announcements for American Wild Horse Preservation. Her first narrative “Reservation Warparties,” broadcasts this season (2005-06) on PBS’s Emmy Award winning series “Independent Lens. Also she produced and directed the documentary “Silent thunder “ a very touching history – for more information about it here it goes a link about this work.
Silent Thunder

She has led workshops for Native youth at Project HOOP—National Gathering 2006 in Los Angeles, California and New Mexico Highlands University Digital Filmmaking Bootcamp 2007 in Las Vegas, New Mexico. She sits on the general advisory board of Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary.

"I founded Midthunder Productions in order to create films that touch the lives and hearts of viewers. A humanitarian and conservationist at heart, I believe in education through entertainment and focus on producing films that have a higher purpose." ( Angelique Midthunder )


Besides she´s a stunning stunt woman ( words from her husband – David Midthunder ). As the stunt business is very low key I could not get all the films which she has been doubling big stars…you know, to preverse the magic that floats on the movies. But here there is a very nice video showing a little about her work.

Angelique Midthunder - IMDB