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Native Music on the Blog - First part

For all my dear readers and followers  I am very happy to share some Native Music ..here it goes some of way awesome ones . Really hope everyone enjoy it !!!

Brule & Airo ( Lakota Nation )

They play a very original style of music mixing opera rock, flute and traditional hand drum.   Their gigs are very impressive and brings an outsdanting presentation of traditional native dancers . Fabulous!! The group has already sold more than one million copies and won several awards and nomination.

Current band members are: Paul LaRoche ( keyboards ); Nicole LaRoche ( Paul´s daughter ) flute ; Shane LaRoche ( Paul´s son ) guitar ; Vlasis on percussion; Lowery Begay on traditional drum  e Kurt Olson ( drum kit ).

Paul, Nicole, and Shane are enrolled members of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of SD. Lowery is an enrolled member of the Diné Nation.

Current traditional dancers include: Lowery Begay, Garan Coons, Chris Estes, Douglas Scholfield, Linda Thompson & Josette Wahwasuck.

( Just to mention that this video has the participation of Moses Brings Plenty but he is not part of the group anymore )


The Plateros ( Navajo Nation )

Levi Platero is the lead of a familiar rock blues band from Tohajiilee New México and they are all members of Navajo Nation. Even being so young Levi is considered one of the best guitar players nowadays . They had their first appearance in 2004 and since then they have been nominated several times and won many awards in many Native Festivals. I have to mention that it was a great clue of one of my friends who kindly contribute with my articles. J



George Leach ( Cree ) 

Everytime I think about George Leach, loved by the buffalo his caracter in Into the west comes to my mind. That was the first time I put my eyes on him but due to my natural curiosity and inborn talent for researches I had  the great surprise to know that George is not just an actor but also a way cool singer and guitar player besides being a dedicated  pottery design. A complete artist in all meanings.

Ghostland Observatory

That´s the most awesome and modern style of music made by natives that I ever knew. These guys really rock and I am pretty sure that their gig must chill. Thus, I haven´t found out yet Which native nation they are from but as soon as I get the right information I´ll post here surely.
Thomas Turner: all that is electronic and organic... Aaron Behrens: all that is.........

Ghostland Observatory is not a band, but an agreement between two friends to create something that not only heals their beat-driven hearts, but pleases their rock ‘n roll souls.

 I am sharing here a video of one of their gigs with participation of Native dancers and John Gibbs on hand drum. All I could say after watching this vid was that I really wish I had been there...


Black Fire ( Navajo Nation )

Another familiar band from Navajo Nation, created by two brothers ( Klee Benally and Clayson Benally ) and one sister ( Jeneda Benally ). Black fire has a punk rock sound engaged in issues toward  politic and social from Native Nation. Their rock and roll music reflects hope and freedom and it´s a mixed of punk rock and traditional native music. They also have traditional group of dance during their gigs.



Originally the band was compound by family members lead by Mato Nanji from South Dakota´s Nakoda Nation, place among root of rock´s elite. Now the band has gotten new members once the original ones left to pursue other musical paths. “ Everybody decided to go their own way, leaving me to carry on Indigenous, “ Nanji says. “ Playing with my family for 10 years was a lot of fun, but it was time to grow”.

So Nanji recruited guitarist Kris Lager, keyboardist Jeremiah Weir, bassist Aaron Wright, and drummer John Fairchild to tour behind Chasing the Sun. They also appear on Broken Lands, joined by drummer Kirk Stallings, percussionist Chico Perez, and Mato’s wife Leah Nanji on backing vocals. Producer Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, R.E.M., Willie Nelson, the Eagles) completed the studio team.

 Now Indigenous is a new band again and I feel that same excitement," he continues


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  2. I did not know George Leach even sang