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Project Lighthouse

Many people nowadays are higly interested in Native American culture, are seeking for their ancestry spirituality but have no idea who they really are. Is part of Native American cultural system do help each other as a family, it´s the idea of we are not alone, we are all part of the great circle. For the ones who have no idea of their reality, they are not sitting in front of their tippies and smoking their pipes and appreciating the stars in the sky, maybe they also can do this, but more than this, they are helping each other. In South Dakota, the Lakota reservations have a hard time facing poverty, not just Pine Ridge but all of them. This Nation I assume is one of the most loved by people everywhere for their history and culture but unfortunately they no longer live in the plains as they  used to live once before the removal to the reservations. Now, they face another reality and they surely need help.


I would like to share with you all this wonderful project and ask you to check it out, at least check it out and pass it on to other people if you can. Loving the Native American people, culture is not just learn their cerimonies and seek for healings , it is also to help out to preserve them, so they can keep on here. Aho! ( Sandra Prem )

Below I will share with you all, some words from their own page:

... Brad and Gabriele Bearsheart have been giving selflessly to the Native American communities since 2005 when they founded Project Lighthouse.

Over 70% of the population on the reservation is living well below the poverty level.   Not only is Project Lighthouse delivering gifts at Christmas time; they deliver food, clothing and furniture throughout the year. They are in desperate need of monetary donations in order to continue to operate. They have been operating for the last 6 years with very little financial assistance. They cannot continue for much longer without help. I would like to ask each of you to help us raise awareness and funds. Every little bit we can do makes a big difference.  

new address: 774B Century Place, Monument - Colorado
Phone number: 7192900799


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