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FanstRAvaganza 4

This is my first time taking part of this event and despite of being a fan of many actors, I have never participated to any event like this. So I hope I do not seem like an amateur in my review…

I was encouraged participate in this event by my dear friend, Avalon, and I am glad that I did because doing so introduced me to the BBC Robin Hood series. As an admirer of history and age-old legends, I already knew about Robin Hood through books and movies but the first moment I watched this RH series, I understood why this was so different from all the other RH productions. 

Guy of Gisborne was new to me; from what I knew about the Robin Hood stories, and yes it is easy to pay attention to him, I think that everyone at first sight saw Guy as the villain and not only because he wore black but also from his demeanor. And this is the way I saw him during many episodes; the villain, but as the episodes passed, I began to change my mind about him.

 For my point of view, the black leather clothes were there to remind his darkest side and he does have it. Although his darkness was just a weakness, his childhood memories, his love by Marian, which I believe was real and true though a strange tide of love.

 And I have to mention the occasions when Marian encouraged him for this love and triggered him to show his darkest side. I believe that deep inside he was just a man struggling against his own ghosts, trying to be good but did not know how to reveal it. He wanted to be loved but never knew who to evoke it. He wanted to be accepted through power, but allowed his emotions to get in the way of obtaining power. 

Guy of Gisborne in my review was a man in pain and suffering….I know it is sad but this is how I viewed him as the series ended.

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  1. I agree with you. :)

    In series one, Guy was just a baddie. I think the writers realised through RA's performance (and maybe the background he wrote for his character) that there was much more to Guy than they originally thought. And so the character grew ... until it basically became The Guy of Gisborne Show. It was really strange to watch, because Robin Hood in every other production is always the one you sympathise with. Here, I rather sided with the baddies simply because they were more interesting and less annoying. Robin spends half the time bullying Much, and that's just not what a nice man would do!

  2. Lovely review & I agree he finally found peace.

  3. I am glad that I have finally turned you on to RA! lol xoxoxoxo

  4. You've picked my favourite character for your review. I agree - Guy is a wounded soul, not half as bad as he should be in order to be the anti-hero. I think that makes him so attractive in the end - the redeemability.
    Happy FanstRA!

  5. Right on! And, Sir Guy had no support system to encourage and facilitate him being "good, honorable, etc."

  6. That was a good summary of Richard's role as Guy. He made a villian more human by showing his inner struggles.

  7. I agree Guy of Gisborne was a man in pain and suffering, but holy smokes, could he fill a pair of leather trousers!
    Maybe that's why he was so nasty all the time? Maybe he should have swapped leather for cotton :)