sábado, 16 de julho de 2011

Coming soon on the Movie Theathers!!

Here we are with some awesome movies to be released soon, so let´s check them out and wait anxiously!!!! Let your opinions here when you watch all of them !!!

I really miss Michael and Eddie on this poster...!!!
  The Legend of Hell 's gate - an American Conspiracy
Casting: Eddie Spears, Michael Spears and Zahn Mc Clarnon


Hell on Wheels - TV Serie
Casting: Eddie Spears and Wes Studi

Yellow Rock ( post production )
Casting: Zahn Mc Clarnon, Eddie Spears,  Michael Spears, Rick Mora

Michael Spears, Rick Mora and Eddie Spears on the set of Yellow Rock

The Dead and Damned ( due out on july 26 )
Casting:  Rick Mora

Cowboys and Aliens ( due out on July 29 )
Casting: Rick Mora.Mose Brings Plenty, Adam Beach

You don´t know BERTHA Constantine
Casting: David Midthunder

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