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Michael Spears

Actor| Singer | hand drum champion | keynote speaker | Model
Lakota Nation

This was to be one of my first posts here but there were so many things I would like to write about him that it had to wait until I found the right things to blog. Hope I´ve got the most important information and messages about Michael for my readers. So here he is, enjoy it!!

by Anthony Thosh Collins

Michael is the first Native actor that I put my eyes on  and even he can not imagine it, thru him I got to learn many of the things I know now about the Native World. I wonder if he does realize the power and magnetism he has to guide people toward this.

Michael and Eddie Spears
Mention about his beauty is something unnecessary ( everyone can see how breathtaking he is) for me he is something beyond this. Personally what I most admire about him besides the fact he is one of greatest native actors of this generation, is the way he represents the Native Nation.

As Dog Star in into the West
I can´t not forget to mention how absolutely fantastic he is in Into the West.
It can be possible to learn the Lakota Values about family, protection and respect that he passed on thru his role as “Dog Star”....

( this video was created by Avalon.blogspot.com )

Everyone who has the opportunity to watch this serie will be amazed with his acting. I guess it might have been a wonderful experience for him to play his own people history . 

 Although he started his carreer very early and his role as Otter in Dance with wolves launched him to the world films, music and well known native personality as he is nowadays.

As Broken Wing in Yellow Rock
Michael has been envolved in several film productions recently  together with his brother Eddie Spears  to be launched in the market very soon, as far as I know he has been filming almost non stop.

Hand drum in a Pow wow

Another very cool thing is his participation on pow wows. He has a group which takes part of many hand drum constests and by the way he is a champion hand drum singer and grass dancing. 

 My Godness!! I wonder where he got this voice from!! ( once I saw a video on youtube where he gives this credit to “The creator”” ) 

He also modeled Indigene fashion collection  for Virgil Ortiz .(another brillant native personality already posted here, check it out )

Michael is from Lower Brule Lakota reservation in South Dakota and unless I am very wrong ( and I am not ) he follows the tradition of his Nation. Also he is a stunning singer, you can hear him singing at the end of Bury my heart at wounded knee.

Unfortunately there isn´t much material about it on the internet eventhough in his website there is a mention about a cd he would be preparing.

Of course, Michael is also a keynote speaker. He attended and was a mentor at the 2nd annual HatcH audiovisual festival in Bozeman, Montana, in October 2005. HatcH is a film and arts festival whose mission is to provide mentorship, education, inspiration, and recognition to the next generation of creative innovators.

As Tom Grey Horse in Imprint
Making my researchers about him I could found an interview he gave to post-gazette.com where by reading it we can see clearly how concerned he is about his role in the society representing Native Americans.

Indigene collection by Virgil Ortiz
“...I am using this as a vehicle ( acting ) to promote not only my own culture but I do speak on wind energy...

...My father and I work pretty close with the tribes and work on native energy, trying to promote a clean-burning fuel. We green-tagged all the premieres for "Into the West." That means the production company offsets its carbon footprint -- what it takes for all of us to arrive on planes and cars and to power the whole production. That is another one of my messages. I am using film and multimedia as vehicles to promote conservation and clean energy alternatives..." ( Michael Spears )

Inspiration is knowing that your path has a purpose “
Michael Spears

Michael´s filmography

Actor (14 titles)
2014 The Red Man's View (pre-production)
Silver Eagle

2011 Yellow Rock (post-production)
Broken Wing

2009 Shadowheart (video)

2007/I Imprint
Tom Greyhorse

2005 Into the West (TV mini-series)
Dog Star
Manifest Destiny (2005) … Dog Star

2002 Seeing: Homecoming

2002 Skins
Teddy Yellow Lodge/Mr. Green Laces

1994 Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee (TV movie)
Stat Man

1993 Elo Partido (TV movie)
Young Lohaheo

1992 The Broken Cord (TV movie)
Adam, as a boy

1990 Dança com Lobos

Hide  Show  Music Department (1 title)
2007 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (TV movie) (musician: singer, massacre prayer song)

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