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David Midthunder

Actor | keynote speaker | Advisor
Lakota Nation

David is from Fort Peck Indian Reservation Montana enrolled Tribal Member. He´s Hunkpapa Lakota, Hudeshabina Nakoda & Sissiton Dakota. He is a very impressive actor and has been involved in many film productions and series such as Comanche Moon ( as Famous shoes ) and Into the West ( White Crow ). Everyone can check this out by watching his films!! And there are more yet to come, David has been working on several filming projects due out in 2011! Let´s wait for it! ( anxiously )

Although, If you have the opportunity to chat with him just a little bit you will see how truly sweet person he is and for his fans it´s something super!! ( including myself )

David as a tribal member is a Sundancer who was raised in this Lakota Tradition, still participate and run Sweatlodges and is Northen Tradicional Dancer. Besides, he is a keynote speaker and advisor of Lakota culture and language for several film produtions. Oh! I forgot to mention he is a Surfer and for him it´s a Sacred Cerimony as taught to him by his Hawain Tribal brothers & sisters...  

I am not going to mention here What a Sundance Cerimony is, first because it´s a very sacred cerimony among them  and besides I´ve never been to one but even If I had to, I would not dare to write up about it here  but I will copy here his own explanation about being a Sundancer once he kindly allowed me to do it ...

“ ....The answer for that question would take days to explain. But here it is briefly. It means I adhere to the values & teachings of Chanupa Wakan, I don´t drink alcohol, don´t smoke pot or other drugs. Try to lead my life keeping in mind, What I do effects 7 next generations. Choice of becoming also difficult to answer. Born into a Nation, a Tribe, a Tiyoshpaye, a family and a time of Sundance, but I wasn´t forced. A person can take an entire lifetime on a spiritual  Religious journey searching to understand tribal cerimonies and this would still not be long enough...” ( David Midthunder )

 David Midthunder´s filmography

2012 The Last Horseman (pre-production)
Ute Warrior

2011 The Hard Ride (pre-production)
Kiowa warrior

2011 Blood Brothers (post-production)
Indian Henchman

2010 Passion Play
Tarahumara (uncredited)

2010 O Livro de Eli
Alcatraz Soldier

2009 Doc West (TV movie)
Native Leader

2008 The Burrowers
Dull Knife

2008 Comanche Moon (TV mini-series)
Famous Shoes
Episode #1.3 (2008) … Famous Shoes
Episode #1.2 (2008) … Famous Shoes
Episode #1.1 (2008) … Famous Shoes

2007/V Intervention

2005 Into the West (TV mini-series)
White Crow
Dreams and Schemes (2005) … White Crow

2004 Reservation Warparties (short)

2004 Mar de Fogo
Black Coyote

2003/I Desaparecidas
Apache Scout

2003 DreamKeeper (TV movie)
Eagle Boy (voice)

2003 Last Stand (short)
Goes Alone's brother

2003 Florida City
Johnny Tiger

2003 Nate and the Colonel
Kills the Enemy

2002 Deadly Species (video)
Calusa Warrior

2001 The Homecoming of Jimmy Whitecloud
Jimmy Whitecloud

1997 Rough Riders (TV movie)
Indian Tom Isbell

1996 The Lazarus Man (TV series)
The Rescue (1996) … Ishatai (as David Paul Midthunder)

1995 East Meets West
Red Hair

1986 Dream West (TV mini-series)

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