domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

Native Music - Jacob Pratt

Jacob Pratt is a Dakota/Saulteaux and a registered member of the Cote First Nations in Saskatchewan Canada and by the things I could find about him I can say Jacob is a brillant talent and human being. We all wish you all the best on your path Jacob, way to go!!!

He is a  traditional flutist, Dancer, traditional singer, and story teller. He is also a Hoop dancer and in this style he uses 15 different hoop to tell stories by creating different animals formation. So far awesome, isn´t it???

by Michael Keith Dubois
He started playing traditional native american flute still very young and now  his first cd is already released entitled Eagle Calls. This cd was also nominated for an Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award . Oh! I forgot to mention he is also a model and motivational speaker for youth.

Well, I am pretty sure everyone now is very curious to know more about Mr. Pratt, so take a look at his official website and check out his songs and modeling pictures . I did and I can say they are too much enchanting ( both music and pictures )...surely his music will touch your heart.

...."a true warrior is guided by compassion an not a desire to fight"..( Jacob Pratt )

Jacob Pratt Official Website

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