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Native American Heritage Month

November is the Native American Heritage Month in The U.S.A. It  might not be celebrated by everyone, but it will by all Native Nations and people who support them . Many interesting things will be happening and I will try to get all of them to show here for you!! That´s my invitation for you all, follow the blog during this month and let´s see how many cool things we will learn together :)

Oh yes, One very cool thing is the 8th Annual Red Nation Film Festival to celebrate and honor The Best in Native American cinema - because The Red Nation has their own movie award. It´s a pretty nice thing once there are so many Excellent Movies, documentaries and Series directed, produced by Natives and of course casting very talent  and amazing actors. It´s absolutely necessary that they have their own red carpet too.....sorry Hollywood, you do not have The Spears brothers :)

.Our awesome Native stars such as Michael Spears and Rick Mora ( Yellow Rock ), Eddie Spears and Wes Studi  ( Hell on Whells ) and many others will be on the Red Carpet too.

It will be showed some excellent documentaries such as Holy Man, The Sacred Journey, Run to the East, Amazon Watch ( showing to the world the fight of Indigenous Peoples of Amazon Regions - Brazil, Peru, Ecuardor and Colombia ), Water directed by Joanelle Romero and the documentary which certainly has reached many hearts and made people all over the world aware of one of the poorest Indian Reservation - Pine ridge Oglala Lakota,  recently showed on ABC - Hidden America - Children of the Plain.

If you are now curious, check it out!!

A very cool thing - For all fans who have been waiting for the release of Yellow Rock Movie - The crew which includes Michael Spears as Broken Wing, Eddie Spears as Angry Wolf and Rick Mora as Crow feather, had already their opening night premiere of the Red Nation and the movie has been nominated for Best film, Best director, Best actor ( Michael Spears) and Best supporting actor ( Zahn Mccarnon ) . We will be wishing good luck for all !!

Yellow Rock Official Website


Another mini serie all fans have been waiting anxiously is HELL ON WHELLS which already had their Premiere and it will be released this month on AMC . This is a western casting Eddie Spears  ( as Joseph Black Moon )  who also was nominated as Best supporting actor and Wes Studi.  We all really have great expectation on it and having these wonderful and loved native actors on it a great audience guaranteed!!


Well, That´s the first news for you all. Really hope everyone enjoy it!! and remember...more yet to come!! :)

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