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Native Pride and warriors

Well, I have been thinking for a long time how I could write here something that could  give an understanding about Native American Nations exactly by who they are. Something that could be good and cool, something that could be easy to be understood by people like me and you. So, I decided to write up something from my own understandings, not exactly a research but my very point of view. From someone who is not quite white neither quite red though from someone who is not part of the culture . However you have to remember that it is just my opinion, maybe it´s right maybe not, maybe it´s good maybe not…, I just invite you to read it and take your own conclusions, make your own researches and feel free to agree or disagree with me. If you are now ready for the journey, here we go :)

All native traditions claim that everything you do will affect  the next 7 generation to come, as well as they are a result of their ancestors’ legacy. That´s the reason they care about  the nature, their culture and traditions ( try to see about the pow wow festivals, indian market fair, Red Nation Carpet for film productions etc..) and take their spiritual legacy as a highly important matter. Although, many things are open to us  , which I personally think is a very wonderful thing. It´s  important for us to remember that there was a time when they were forced to leave their lands, forced to let their beliefs behind and was strictly prohibited to practice their sacred religion. Many nations nowadays are strongly trying to keep their own language alive for the new generations to come. I heard once that it is not just a matter to speak a language, it is much more deeper than that, it is to keep alive an entire culture through the language , is to keep their ancestry alive. I know, it´s not easy to be understood but if one day you have the opportunity to be in a cerimony led by a native person you will remember this, I am quite sure of that.

The new generation DO make sure to remember this exactly because they know that What they have today is because their ancestors fought and died for . They are proud of what they are and where they came from. They are proud of everything which is part of their culture. Maybe it is something that the rest of us lost or never had.  Might be a first lesson to be learned, have you already thought about that?  They are not just proud of themselves once  this pride carries their ancestors too. They are proud of their  ancestry and the strength  they have now as a legacy , because it means to be strong enough to keep on , passing the message from generation to generation. Of course, people are different inside the culture, so I would not put everyone in the same package.

Their connection with nature because they do believe everything is part of the same family, so Mitakuye Oyasin – we are all related - is not just about human being but also the animals, the earth, the stones and trees ...everything connected. For this reason they do not have the greedy to take from the earth more than the necessary to live in order to keep the circle of  life.
So respect for life itself, being proud of yourself, what means self acceptance really might be something to be pondered..heard and learned from them. It´s the real Native way, the most important learning from my point of view. And yes, if we could really do that, our lives would be way better. No matter whether we follow any native tradition or not.

 Many people , natives and non natives  are aware of an old prophecy which says about a future generation of non natives would turn to native nations as a way to heal the earth and I do believe this time is now. In my mind I just think that two words from both sides are essential to fullfill it: Respect and Acceptance.

Oh yeah..I can not forget mentioning about The Warriors. In the past there were the pride warriors who fought in battles for their families and tribes. Now the batters are others but the warriors are still strong in their hearts. They no longer go to bloody batters, they do not fight to death. The modern warriors now are people who try to keep their beliefs strongly, they fight for keeping their culture alive and above all, are aware of respect people must have to each other – no matter who – and to the nature.

I have asked for some native friends what would be a warrior in their point of view. Most of them told me about being proud of What they are, be willing to fight for their family and people ( fight can be done in different ways, tough. ), but I will copy here What I most liked to hear and hope you all have the same feeling them me. It came from a beloved cherokee friend. I hope you all understand this but his name will not be  mentioned..but favorite warrior :)

..."a warrior today and in history is a man, red or white, that fights for what he believes in no matter the cost, he is brave, he has honor, he is honest, and he is chivalrous - he never hurts women or children or the elderly. He is not a playboy, he loves one and only one and he is faithful to his love, his family, his tribe, and his God"...
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That´s all for today, Hope you all have now many things to be considered and understood about Native American People!! See you on the next post and do not forget: Be safe and Stay in the Beauty :)

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