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Pow wow celebration!!

Certainly among American people ( native or non native ), Pow wow celebration is well known, but for people from another countries like me, it might be something knew.

Personally I haven´t been to one yet, thus I´ll write based on researches and friends clues. If someone wants to add or correct some information, please feel free to email me. sandra.padmaprem@gmail.com

Pow wow is a Native festival for celebrations, social gatherings, dance and hand drum competitions where art and culture can be found and it´s a way to keep native culture and tradition alive.

Also it´s a time for sacred beliefs to be renewed and shared!! It´s called Wacipi in Dakota Language and the term powwow is traced from Alonquin Language. There are public and private ones.
David Midthunder performing
There are several different stories of how it started, none of them is considered the correct one, they are only possibilities. Some believe its origin come from  Southern Plains tribes and it was originally a spring event to celebrate the seasonal renewal of new life.  In the Dakota/Lakota tradition, the celebration was also a prayer to Wakantanka ( the Great Spirit, Grandfather or Great Mystery).

Another belief is that when the Native Americans were forced onto reservations the government also forced them to have dances for the public to come and see.

Michael Spears performing hand drum
The circle represents the circle of unity, the cycle of life. Almost all natives activities – not just in the U.S.A but for all native peoples, have the circle with the same representation. Another important thing to learn is that the clothing worn by the dancers are not called “customes” but “regalias”, and some of them have special meaning.

Powwows are still very much a part of the lives of many Native Americans around the state and country , all places where there are native tribes , and are held , at several locations  during peak periods, from June until September, but may be during all over the year , depending on the place.Many families "go on the circuit', camp out and enjoy the traditional activities.

The most important Powwow is in New Mexico called “ Gathering of Nations “.

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  1. Its very great article. where did you get your information from? I would love to show my professor. =)

  2. San,

    O medicine man do meu sonho falou uma frase
    na língua nativa, mas não me recordo.
    Ele achava que eu iria me lembrar por causa da vida passada mas não entendi nada.
    a primeira palavra era Watanka ou algo parecido
    e agora vejo a palavra Wakantanka aqui!
    estou pirando!

  3. I love all the Photo's from the Pow-wows. I have been to many pow-wow's throughout my childhood and adult hood. I love them I am Klamath Tribe from Southern Oregon state. PLUS I am Blackfeet from Montana also. THANKS for sharing this with the PUBLIC.

  4. I love that you are sharing the Pow-wow with the public here on this site. I love all the Pow-wow pictures. I have been to many pow-wows in mylifetime. I love them still even as I am adult. Thanks again for showing the beauty of our HERITAGE to everyone.

  5. Thanks everyone for all comments. It is really important for me to know your opinions!!