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Tatanka Means

 Tatanka Means
Actor | Model | Speaker | Businessman

photo by Larry Price
 In my opinion he is one of the coolest guy and tatenly actor into the Native  American  scenarium nowadays .I can not forget his appearance in Into the West as Crazy horse, no doubt the Director/productor chose the right person to play that role!! Though, Tatanka is more than this, as a comedian he is hillarious...( If you aren´t  lucky enough to watch his show personally you can see the videos at youtube ) Does anyone have any doubt about his talent?? I don´t think so. He is just 25 with a successfull carreer, heading up to the sky!! Way to go Tatanka...!!  (  just have to say that Tatanka has allowed me to blog about him :))

The text below was copied from his official website  to be translated into Portuguese soon.

Tatanka Means is from Oglala Lakota Sioux Nation, Omaha and Navajo Nation.
Tatanka Means is an accomplished actor who has starred in the sweeping six-part TNT mini series created by Steven Spielberg, Into the West. His role as one of the most influential Indian leaders, Crazy Horse, earned him high praise in the stellar cast of Native American actors – one of the largest ever assembled..

Tatanka as Crazy Horse in Into the West

Tatanka began acting at seven years old his with his first acting experience on the set of The Last of the Mohicans. In 2003 Tatanka stepped back into film as the lead stuntman for Rick Schroeder’s film Black Cloud. This opportunity inspired him to pursue a career in acting.

After his role in the Emmy winning mini-series Into the West, Tatanka was cast on Comanche Moon for CBS by Simon Wincer. Following Comache Moon he landed a role in the Lionsgate horror western film The Burrowers directed by J.T. Petty, which went on to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Tatanka then traveled to Boston, Massachusetts where he shot, We Shall Remain: After The Mayflower a series for PBS directed by award winning director, Chris Eyre.

Since then Tatanka has landed some great guest starring roles on hit TV show's including In Plain Sight on USA and more recently ABC's Scoundrels.

Outside of acting, Tatanka has developed his own clothing line called, Tatanka Clothing. His shirt designs are proving to be one of the most popular styles in Indian Country as well as internationally. Article reviews on the clothing line are earning high marks among fashion publications.

49 laughs comedy

Stand-up Comedy is Tatanka's most recent endeavor. This young comedian is busting guts and smiling laughing faces all over North America! His comedic style of humor is leaving audiences wanting more. Tatanka has now been performing stand up comedy all over Indian Country at Casino's, Conferences, Colleges and Schools. He is also a member of the talented and popular comedy group 49 Laughs Comedy.

Tatanka has currently been giving speeches around the country at universities, schools and conferences. He has spoken on a variety of topics, ranging from motivational speeches, suicide awareness, Indian youth empowerment & self esteem to Hollywood stereotypes of American Indians in film.

Tatanka’s ambition and perseverance has taken him from his home on the reservation to traveling across the country. He has become a much-needed role model for all American Indian youth.

copied  from

His filmography:

“Mohican Child”
Twentieth Century-Fox/ Michael Mann

Classic Media/ Curt Geda

Lead Stunt
Old Post Films/ Rick Shroeder

“Crazy Horse” Supporting Lead
Dreamworks/TNT/Michael Watkins
“Slipping Weasel”-Supporting Lead
Paramount/ Simon Wincer

“Tall Ute”-Supporting Lead
Lions Gate Films/ J.T. Petty

“Nookau” Supporting Lead
WGBH/PBS/ Chris Eyre

"Young Fighter" Guest Starring
USA Network/ Michael Zinberg

"Oscar Altsoba" Guest Starring
ABC/Disney Julie Ann Robinson

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  1. Great post!

    I heard Tatanka speak awhile back in Alabama, but have yet to watch his comedy. Comedy is not really my thing.

    He first caught my eye in the role of Crazy Horse, absolutely breathtaking performance. I posted about this role and I was astonished by how many emails that I received, I wasn't the only one inspired by his brief appearance in Into the West.

    In my opinion, he has talent and I hope his career broadens. I think he would make an excellent lead.

  2. Kool, didn't know he had a website, thanks for the link. I have seen his comedy in person and more then once, but I think he will do better with his acting career. I like your blog, Avalon posted your link on her blog. I am part Lakota, part Navajo by the way. If you would be so kind to add the translator gadget to your blog, people in other countries can read it. And, I think you meant "copied from", instead of "copied by". Copied by means that someone copied it from your blog and copied from means that you borrowed the info or picture from another person's blog. Keep up the good work. Maybe you could blog about Russel Means as well. He is really a piece of work.