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Virgil Ortiz

Virgil Ortiz
Fashion Designer
( Pueblo )
The first time I put my eyes on Virgil Ortiz work was through some pictures of the Spears Brothers wearing his clothing creation and I got crazy about the Revolt pendent !! As by that time I was already  envolved in researching everything about the Native World, I got to know who was the creator of that fantastic clothing line and jelwery…My first thought was : Wow..there is a stylist among them, how wonderful that!!...

John Gibbs - Indigene Collection
Going deep to his creations we can see how talenty Virgil Ortiz is, completely awesome and no doubt he deserves all recognition he has got…For me, Native people have always been very creative and amazing artists , but Virgil has taken it to a next level…his work worths too much to be seen by all of the world  as an inspiration to everyone . My task here? To spread Virgil ´s art, as well as any Native who has been making difference through any kind of art , using their talent, voice, image and strong willing to go beyond!!! 


Virgil Ortiz kindly authorized me to post about his work on this blog, his biography below was copied from his website and will be translate into Portuguese soon.

Heavily sought out by celebrities, royalty, rock stars, and collectors alike, supernova American Indian artist and fashion designer is taking Native fashion to the next level. His designs are a captivating balance between the provocative, edgy, and traditional. Inspired by travel and music in his early years, Ortiz began designing clothing for his friends and family which ultimately led him to create more complex designs utilizing different textiles such as leather, latex and vinyl.

Through his formative experiences, Indigene was born. In August of 2006, Ortiz launched his stunning collection of luxury handbags, outerwear and jewelry. Earth colored suede and leather jackets and handbags bear the VO Signature Marks: Water, Sun, Wild Spinach and Secret Writing are just some of the unique and symbolic elements that create the high demand for his pieces.

Eddie Spears

This season, the Virgil Ortiz Collection blends art, culture and history. The bold and graphic images portray Ortiz’s own interpretation of the historic Pueblo Revolt of 1680 – The First American Revolution.
Crafted from organic cotton and bamboo, a renewable and environmentally safe resource, his Limited Edition T-shirt collection reveals exceptional detail to embellishments and overall imagery based on the creation of Native American superheroes Ortiz is bringing to life in his upcoming comic book series and feature film.

Picture from VO website

Hailing from a family of renowned Cochiti Pueblo traditional potters, Ortiz began creating pottery at age six. It wasn’t until around the age of fifteen he realized that what he was doing was considered art. It was at this time that he broke away from the traditional and created his own style of figurative pottery.
Drawing on the legacy of generations of family members working with clay, his daring designs honors both the old and the new. Ortiz is equally skillful working with clay as he is with video, graphic design and haute couture, notably the fashion house of New York fashion designer Donna Karan.

Michael Spears

Ortiz’s professional agenda goes beyond the wealth and notoriety of his talent. He’s intent on creating opportunities for children and his community that reflect the legacy of his ancestors as well as promoting global awareness of Pueblo culture. “I have something very important to do before I go. I want to preserve my culture and inspire our youth to accomplish whatever it is they dream to be.”
Ortiz continues to live and work in Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico.

. “The thought has never crossed my mind to be anything other than an artist and fashion designer.

Art is in my blood, says Virgil Ortiz, a Cochiti Pueblo Native.

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