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Q orianka Kilcher

Actress| Enviromental Acitivist | Keynote Speaker

Definitly that's someone who I do enjoy writing up about...It´s  awesome how such young person like her can be so accomplished to many social programs beyond her carreer and also she uses her voice, image and opportunities to help others...Q'orianka is that kind of person who knows how to make the difference in the world. The first time I saw her in The New world movie and thought so lovely and poetic the way she led her Pocahontas...I could not imagine anyone making this better than her...she speaks thru her eyes...of course right after that I started reseaching about her and it was a big surprise to me. Her projects must be spread, supported and helped by everyone who takes care of our mother earth. She is doing her best and we must do ours too!!

The text below was part copied from her own websites and as well as other sources too. Hope all my readers enjoy knowing her !!

The New World
Q'orianka Waira Qoiana Kilcher (born February 11, 1990) is an American actress and singer, she was born in Schweigmatt Germany. Her name Q'orianka means "Golden Eagle" in Quechua.
Q'orianka as Pocahontas in The New World movie

At the age of 14, Q’orianka Kilcher emerged into the front ranks of young actors with her portrayal of Pocahontas opposite Colin Farrell and Christian Bale in Terrence Malick’s The New World, an epic film about the dramatic encounter between English and Native American cultures in 1607.

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Her performance won her the National Board of Reviews best breakthrough performance of 2006 and the 2006 Alma Award for best Latin American actress in a feature film, as well as numerous nominations and rave reviews.

Q’orianka is not only an award winning actress with high critical acclaim, but also an accomplished Singer Songwriter and committed Human Rights and environmental activist and fearless young force, who has courageously and tirelessly used her voice and privilege of celebrity to speak out for the voiceless and many of today’s most important and relevant issues, while bring the need for universal dignity, compassion and basic human rights to the attention of the international community…

Traveling frequently to speak at youth events, colleges and Universities on issues such as, Environmental sustainability, indigenous peoples rights, corporate accountability, basic human rights and youth and woman’s issues,

Q' orianka as Pocahontas - The New World

Q’orianka has been invited as a featured keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at many international conferences and events for organizations such as Amnesty International, the IFG (international Forum on Globalization), Amazon Watch, IFIP (International Funders for Indigenous Peoples) and The United Nations -panel discussions for “Indigenous Peoples: Human Rights, Dignity and Development with Identity, in collaboration with the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Q’orianka frequently lends her celebrity, voice and energy as spokesperson, collaborator mentor and supporter to several international and national NGOs and organizations .

Q’orianka was also the first Native American spokesperson for the American Literacy Campaign and works with the National Endowment of the Arts “Big Read” program, recording several Books Reviews for the “Big Read” Campaign, hoping to inspire young people to explore some of the great literature at hand.

In addition to public activism, Kilcher is a silent advocate for the environment, driving a Honda FCX Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell zero-emissions vehicle. Kilcher is the first teenager to make her first car a hydrogen fuel cell.

Q’orianka was also the one of the first inspirations for James Cameron’s vision in creating the character of “Neytiri” in Avatar. Kilcher is a cast member of the Starring-Ensemble for the first "The People Speak" Film Series, which premiered on the History Channel on Dez.13th 2009 (Starring Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, David Straithern, Marisa Tomei, Viggo Mortensen, Danny Glover, Michael Ealy and Kerry Washington. She was also one of the original cast members, volunteering her time reading Howard Zinn's “The People Speak” at various staged readings open to the community, and is part of Voices advisory board.

In her upcoming film “Princess Ka'iulani”, a film highlighting the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and the life story of Hawaii’s most beloved peoples Princess, Princess Kaiulani, Q’orianka stars as the courageous Kaiulani who in her short years was a principled international diplomat for her Hawaiian nation.

Her website for social projetcs

Lady Bags - Social and Enviromental Program

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  1. Loved the summary, very well researched.

  2. I have always liked Q’orianka, but wonder why she really does not do many movies.