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Kaká Verá

 I am not sure if everyone knows but I am Brazilian and  despite of it I´ve decided to create a blog to talk about Native American Nations for some special reasons. Although I was thinking about sharing something very special from my country since people who usually read this blog is from everywhere in the world. I am very proud of showing someone very important from my Country, someone whose work has been making a huge difference for many Brazilian Indigene nations and this is the kind of person that I really love writing about as you can see in all my articles. Every article here is about someone who is making some difference in the world in different ways....I really hope everyone enjoy it !
Arapoty Institute

Kaká Verá is a Brazilian Native writer, enviromentalist and advisor of Tupy Guarani ways , ecology and sustainability. He has been working as a Native speaker and giving courses about these issues for more than 15 years in different institutions and in his own place called Arapoty Institute. As a lecturer Kaká has already been to different countries always talking about native culture, his ancestors wisdom, ecology and social responsability.

His parents belonged to Kaitité and Kaxixó tribes. When they moved to São Paulo he started his path as Indigene voice and leadership by helping his neighbors Guaranis with their issue about lands location. As he was able to know the white society ways he tried to help the community to get support to strenghten its culture and beliefs.

Living among the Guaranis he was taught by the Medicine Man ( pajé ) Alcebíades Verá who gave his name and kaká embraced  the mission to keep on supporting Guarani´s culture and tradition. Kaká is not a Medicine Man  and  he kindly asked me not to call him like this but as a person who works with social changing, a social worker. He has been working together with leaders and activists always supporting ecology issues along his life.

pottering classes at Arapoty Institute

Kaká Verá is the founder of Arapoty Institute in São Paulo which has as Mission to spread the Indigene ancestor wisdon to get support for Indian communities, strenghten the culture and develop a  sustainable way for life. Also it´s a place to show Indian culture to non-native people thru gatherings and courses. Kaká has created many pedagogic projects to introduce indigene culture inspired in respect and connection with nature with no misunderstood to non native people, as a way to approache people to indigene roots.

Also he has published 5 books about Indian History and culture and two of them is now recognized and used in schools as a way to teach the real history about indian nations. His Institute got an international award for developing a social changing thru his social projects.

" We are still here, so we have hope..."

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