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Pine Ridge Reservation - Ultimate news!


I have been preparing articles about Lakota Reservations to show people everywhere the reality of these places. Normaly we outsiders ( I am including on it ) have a different and romantic idea about the reservations as many people are fascinated by Native culture, religion, art and history. Thus, I always thought it is very important to know that these people have been struggling for years to keep their anscestors legacy alive.

Today I decided to use my space here to repass a message from Joseph Brings Plenty -  Chairman of Cheyenne River Reservation – the Eagle Buttle – about a very sad fact that is happening in Porcupine – Pine Ridge Reservation. All the history, culture and art, I will tell here in another moment. For me as for many people is a pity to know things like this are happening there. They are the ones who tell us to take care and respect the elders, it´s really sad when we see some Lakota values can be lost by the result of having many years of approaching to “white man” society and ways of life.




I am now repassing below some notes written by Joseph Brings Plenty to help him to spread the word. He kindly told me that these are the things he has heard from the elders, the ones who had courage to step forward to make their voices loud but he told me there are many others very scared to do the same. He also told me some great “warriors” are supporting the cause in this moment. Here are all updates and as soon as he tells me something new I will spread it here.

You can help!! contact Enoch Brings Plenty
PO Box 127 - Porcupine SD - 57-772
605 - 867-2062


Joseph Brings Plenty - Chairman of Cheynne River Reservation

Elderly Take over in Porcupine SD

por Joseph Brings Plenty, monday, March 7th of 2011 às 15:39
Say a prayer for Elders down in Porcupine SD, they are requesting for changes on how the elderly distribution center is being conducted in Porcupine. My father, Enoch Brings Plenty Sr., was recently voted in as a president for the elderly board in which has over view of the center. 4 years the issues were reported, nothing was done regarding elderly concern, this past friday, the elders took over the facility in hopes to have their concerns addressed. Good to see some Lakota still have fight in them.. Aho!!!


Update on Elderly Take Over..

por Joseph Brings Plenty, friday, March 11th of 2011 às 18:17
I was just called by my younger brother, Louie Brings Plenty, the update that personal from the Oglala Sioux Tribe and the chief of police is there, they are informing the elders to remove themselves from the center or they will be removed by force. How hard is it to listen the elders, these issues were reported for over 4 yrs, the issues compiled into one huge issue. When the people speak, listen, how hard is that to do. If the tribe can negotiate with the elders, that would be helpful, akicita used to be peacemakers long ago, now being used to physically threaten elders, some whom cannot walk very long or stand, shameful! Pray for them elders, pray for the young men and women who are standing with them in this ordeal, created by a system that isn't responsive to human need but seems to only respond in a political nature!

This makes me angry, the true Lakota suffered at the hands of the government, rape, murder, deciet, crimes upon crimes, now our nation turns toward it's own people in a hostile manner, our culture and ways were of honor and bravery, if the police department has intentions of removing these elders, in a physical nature, there is no honor!! Me and my sons are preparing to go help these elders, to show them that their ideas are good and they know a thing or two about life. Makes me want to cry when I think about the past and how in present day, these cruel intentions are still carried out on our people.. Lakota people you have to know who you are and where you come from, tunkasila is with you..

Update on Elderly Take Over in Porcupine..

por Joseph Brings Plenty, friday, March 11th of 2011 às 23:31
"Our Elders stood their ground, they told the police they weren't intimidated, if they wanted to remove them, they would have to beat them up bloody before they could get them out of the elderly center" my aunty just called and told me this, there was paddy wagons and cop car's, a show of force to show the elders they were going to be taken with force, but they stood their ground! Wopila Tanka to the prayers, wopila to those young men and women who stood with the Elder, Wopila to the strength of our Elders, this is how to be in the face of danger, brave, although they understood the outcome they stared the threat in the face and said do your worst! Most of all, Wopila to Tunkasila! I'm very happy! I pray OST resolves this with the Elders in a good way.. Waste' Yelo!!!

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  1. They have my prayers and support.

  2. I find it appauling that these kind of treatmant is still going on in this day and age. my Thoughts and prayers to all.