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I´ve decided to create this post to update my readers about some personalities already posted here before. Well, they do not stop working, so here we have more news!! Enjoy it!!

David Midthunder

He is working now on several projects due out in 2011. For a while it is all I could get from him, but I am sure very soon he will let us know about all details. Let´s wait anxiously !!

Tatanka Means

There are new film projects Tatanka is part of .
Sedona ( as Chuck ) and Tiger´s eyes ( wolf-Martin Ortiz ), both to be out in 2011.

Besides, he keep on his work with 49laughscomedy.

Rick Mora

The latest news I got from him is that we will have Deadliest Warrior on SPIKE TV in July and Kuster´s Last Man on History channel also will be out by the same time.

Rick is also working with the photographer cherrilyn Silva in his first picture book for German publication.

Michael and Eddie Spears

They have been working on the same film projects lately. Some of them to be out in 2011, as Yellow Rock and Legend of hell´s gate.

By the way Yellow Rock fan page on FB is increasing their fans in order to release the trailler of the film when they get the number of 1000, so you can find the link right bellow to be part of the page right now!!!!/yellowrockmovie

Virgil Ortiz

Virgil now has a facebook fan page as follow right bellow, as all people who love his art can be always update about everything .!/virgilortiz

During february was given 50% off in all his webiste items...but be update here and soon we will have something special for my readers. Also you can find his website linked here.

Virgil Ortiz will be exposing his art at King Galleries of Scottsdale, AZ on March 5th !!!!

A unique variation of Virgil Ortiz's clay figures introduces a new series of forms that unite human and animal elements depicting the balance of natural and spiritual bonds between the two.

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