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Pow wow etiquette

Let´s have more information about Powwow! I can say that there are so many things to be learned about it and eventhough I think we will be able to understand exactly what it is if we are there....

The Gathering of Nations Pow wow – placed in Albuquerque- New Mexico -  usually presents the contest for Miss Indian World, which many native womem goes to represent their different tribes and traditions....They must compete in different areas as Tribal knowledge, dancing and about their personality.

Also there is The Indian Traders Market Which offers exhibition of Native American artifacts, over 800 artists usually take part in it...It must be a wonderful shopping experience....Of couse, there is also all variety of typical native food, including the fry bread ( the most famous one )

In addition, I am listing below the Pow wow etiquette ...For people who has never been to one, learn the appropriate way to behave once there:

1.Pay attention and listen to all instructions given from the Master of Cerimony.

2.Remember that the Native´s clothings are called "Regalia", never refers it as a costume, and never touch it, respect it please.. If you feel the necessity to do it, ask permition first for the dancer. Respect the dancers space!

3.Certain items of religious significance should be worn only by those qualified to do so. Respect the traditions.

4. No Alcohol or drugs are allowed at Pow Wows.

5. If taking pictures, asked the dancer first. Remember common courtesy and ask permission. Group photographs are usually alright to take, but you might want to ask the committee first. The MC will let you know when it is not possible to take the pictures. If you are going to use the pictures for something commercial ask the dancer if is it okay first, if it is for personal use, offer to send a copy.

6.The dancer harbor is always blessed, do not walk or run into it. It is prohibited.

7.Never record the native american drum without permission of the head singer.Remember to show respect and consideration.

8.Remember that in each area you travel to and visit, things can and will be slightly different than your area. Different groups and have different customs and methods of doing things. Different is not wrong, just different. Be respectful of the uniqueness of each area.

Now my readers can be ready for a Pow wow!!!

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  1. And tell your kids to sit down and listen to the storytellers with respect.