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Tokala Clifford

Lakota Nation

 Have you already watched the movie Dreamkeeper? Tokala is  part of Blue Bird woman story playing the role as Red Deer. He is simply awesome on it and the movie is enchanting. Another movie that I really liked his acting is “Rez Bomb”, not so enchanting but necessary, besides it´s a movie that portraits the reality of the youth on the reservation ( Pine Ridge ). In fact, Tokala is an amazing actor and just prove it more and more in each movie he works.

Tokala as Red Deer in Dreamkeeper

Tokala is an  American actor from Crazy Horse’s people, the O’uh’pe band of the Oglala Lakota ( Pine ridge reservation ) and grew up there. His Lakota name is Tokala Hehaka Sapa, because of this he has also been credited as Tokala Black Elk. (Tokala has also been credited as Gerald Tokala Clifford.) 

What I thought very important to mention here is that Tokala was one of the youngest people ever to represent a government before the US Senate  when he represented the Oglala Sioux Tribe at the age of 13.  He has been active in efforts to assist Lakota youth by increasing their awareness of their native language & culture .


 In addition of this article I am posting a video Which Tokala talks about the importance of saving the Wild horses, and a text about it that he has posted to  spread the situation What I believe that must be seen by everyone and thru it we can see how awesome person he truly is!! If you want to know a little bit more about Tokala Clifford you should visit my friend´s blog Avalon-medieval.blogspot.com .

As little wolf in Bury my heart at Wounded Kee

There is much more to be showed about him, but for a while it´s all I could get it under his allowance  which he just answered me “he would be honored with it”, but I say Tokala, I am the one who is honored with the opportunity to make the article.  

As Chilik in Rez Bom

Help Save America's Wild Horses.

por Tokala Clifford, sábado, 3 de julho de 2010 às 20:58
Over the past five hundred years, a sacred being has roamed the wild areas of North America.
From the moment they were first seen by my people, Lakota, we knew that these creatures had the power to connect a person with their soul.

Whether we call them Indian Ponies, American Mustangs, Spanish Bards, Mountain Ponies, or simply Wild Horses, one thing is clear... They are so ingrained into what America is, and how America came to be what it is today... That it is simply amazing to learn that they are strategically being eradicated from US Public Lands.

The Department of the US Government that is in control of the fate of these majestic animals is the same Department of the Government that certifies Public Land for Mineral Extraction. The Federal Bureau of Land Management. In other words, the same guys that approve companies like Haliburton International to do things like open pit mining and chemical slurry processing. The horses are in the way of business. So they are rounding them up with helicopters and running them into holding pens, where they are "processed". They are given a mark and any that don't get adopted after three showings, or any that are deemed Un-Adoptable, are then sold to be slaughtered for either European Restaurants or as dog food.

This is not fiction. These wild symbols of freedom are being slaughtered in real life.

When Wild Mustangs are no longer running free somewhere, it is my belief that something pure and innocent will be dead forever.

Please don't let anyone convince you that a mine for kitty litter is more important than a living breathing symbol of what is good about America. These horses have no voice, they need your help just as much as the wetlands of our gulf coast need your help. So please make sure and add a line or two about the horses and visa versa about the oil spill when you talk about these issues with your elected officials

Tokala´s filmography.

2010 Search for the World's Best Indian Taco (short) (completed)
Deedra's Brother

2008 Rez Bomb

2007 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (TV movie)
Little Wolf

2007/I Imprint
Nathaniel Stonefeather (as Gerald Tokala Clifford)

2005 Into the West (TV mini-series)
Black Coyote
Ghost Dance (2005) … Black Coyote

2004 Reservation Warparties (short)
JR (as Gerald Tokala Clifford)

2003 DreamKeeper (TV movie)
Red Deer (as Gerald Tokala Clifford)

2002 Skins
Black Lodge Boy (as Gerald Tokala Clifford)

Hide  Show  Self (2 titles)
2010 American Indian Actors (documentary short)

2010 Wild Horses and Renegades (documentary)

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